Escape Bags

The mission of OneLessWire is to bring moments of relief, joy and escape to teens battling life threatening illnesses.  This is accomplished through Escape Bags.

Escape Bags are just that - bags to help teens escape hospital life.  During treatment, days are especially long and teens can often feel as though they are missing out on "normal" teenage life.  Many would tell you that they just want to escape.

Of course, we can't literally help them escape from the hospital and their necessary treatments.  But with the help of technology they can virtually escape into music, gaming, movies and online chats with friends.  

The backbone of every Escape Bag is high-quality wireless headphones.  These headphones allow teens to connect to their technology without the addition of one more wire.  They can put on their headphones and tune into their favorite virtual escape like music or online chatting with OneLessWire.

Escape Bags are currently distributed or "dropped" to specific, partnering children's hospitals in the Minneapolis area. Teens age 13-19 spending significant time inpatient with life-threatening illnesses are able to receive an Escape Bag.  Teens are identified by hospital staff and medical personnel familiar with the patient.  No other criteria is used to determine eligibility.  OneLessWire relies solely on the expertise of medical personnel and partnering hospitals for identifying teens and distribution of bags.

Help Us Add Drops

We are always looking to expand our drop sites and add more locations.  If you are a pediatric medical professional, we'd love to connect.  Help us add drop locations across the United States to reach more teens.

Are you a teen or a parent of a teen who has received an Escape Bag? We want to hear from you!

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Bring moments of relief, joy and escape to teens fighting for their lives.

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